Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jessica Simpson--Too Fat For Country

Let me start by saying I despise Jessica Simpson. Ever since her "size one" days on her reality show Newlyweds, she is gotten on my nerves with her stupid illiterate blonde image. Watching Newlyweds, it became clear that Jessica was obessed with her weight. At the time her music career was in a down spiral, but her acting "talent" as skinny Daisy Duke was on the up rise. I reminded one episode where she declared she ate whatever she wanted, but then spent two-three hours on the treadmill to burn off her food consumption. That just sounds a little unhealthy!
Now a size 7/9 over the past months, the public is outraged! How could she let herself go like that? I just think it's funny that as a society we complain about this unattainable size 1 celebrity bodies, but then complain when they get beyond a size 3.
Jessica apparently has recently lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks (also unhealthy) in hopes of gaining back her career. Her country singer career is still new and exciting, and I must admit, some songs are tolerable, even decent, but no one in the country world will except her because she is/was "getting" fat!! What does this say about our society? Does anyone have an opinion on this??

More Bar News

Rolling with this bar idea, as I stated in last blog... Wallingford has many bars. I ventured to a bar last night that I've never been too called Gaetano's Tavern on Main. Now this is usually an upscale resturant in town. Dinner alone is usually 25 dollars a plate, so I had no idea why my best friend wanted to go in for a drink. When we walked in rap music blurred from the speakers as the DJ pretended to rap to the songs. As the DJ was throwing his arms around and cussing with the music left and right, the bar was full of 21 or YOUNGER year olds and it seemed I went to high school with all of them. It was like a drunken high school reunion, and I'm pretty sure most of the patrons were under 21 w/ fake ids because they didn't card any of us. It was absolutely horrible! I bought one drink for like 6 dollars, so I knew the drinks were a little pricy just like the normal dinner prices. The lighting was darker and it seemed I saw everyone I didn't want to see. My friend also wanted an appetizer and we found a menu on the table, but were ignored by the one waitress for over an hour. We had to go grab her ourselves and by that time, we weren't that hungry!
So note to self: Gaetano's On Main does not deserve a second visit unless I want to run into all the preppys of my town.

Friday Afternoon-Happy Hour

Growing up in Wallingford, you always hear about the countless bars on the downtown strip. I think Wallingford CT has the most bars per sq mile in the whole state. That's probably not the best thing to brag about, but each town has gotta be famous for something right? I have a few favorite bar hotspots in my town, but for Friday afternoon HAPPY HOUR, Brother's resturant is the best. It actually is a family type resturant that only packs the bar during happy hours on the weekends.
Now I don't drink too much, but their happy hour is awesome for many other reasons. Along with 1.50 beers and 2.75 mixed drinks starting at 4:30pm, they have a full FREE buffet of homemade pizza, buffalo wings, onion rings, french fries and/or potato skins. The food is brought out around 5pm and avalible *again for free* until 6:30pm. They also have an acoustic musician from 5:00-6:30ish. Brothers is actually where I discovered the singer/band I previewed and reviewed. The lead singer Seth Adam does acoustic music there like once a month and he invited me to see his band play at Public in Middletown earlier this month.
Not that I adovacate starting drinking all the time at 4:30pm despite the "5 o'clock somewhere" country song, but if you want a cheap drink, amazing FREE food, acoustic music, and a friendly atomsphere, go to Brothers in Wallingford CT.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Hills Season V.

For all you Hills followers on MTV, it looks like main star Lauren Conrad, is calling it quits after season five which premiers April 6th. I was never a big follower of the show that was a spin off of the 2003-2005 show Laguna Beach, but I must say what is the show going to be if LC leaves. It orginally was a show based off her rising career in LA, much like The City spin off that follows LC's friend Whitney Port. It def. has strayed from it's original plot and become more about the people rather than LC's career. It has a soap opera value that most "reality" shows seem to portray.
Orginally watching both The Hills and The City for their possible PR perhaps "journalistic" (if any) value, I was drawn to the work environment and lifestyle in which each character lives, but now The Hills especially has turned riduculous. In my opinion, they should just end The Hills here. Without Lauren, it's more pointless than ever!

The Haunting in CT

So the much anticipated movie, "The Haunting in Connecticut" comes out today. Based on a true story in Southington, which is 10 minutes from me, the film is about a family that relocates to Connecticut to be closer to their son's cancer doctors. They soon find out the house used to be a former funeral home. The supposed house where the supernatural events has been all over the local news. It seems every interested movie-goer wishes to get a glimpse of the actual house. Residents of the house insist that the house is not haunted and just want people to stay off their property. I imagine the residents feel like the paporizzi has been at them since the film trailer debuted.

Here's a brief abstract of the story c/o

Film is a nightmare for
CT homeowners

Updated: Monday, 23 Mar 2009, 5:31 PM EDT
Published : Sunday, 22 Mar 2009, 6:21 PM EDT

Southington (AP) - More than 20 years after it was reported to be haunted, a central Connecticut home is again seeing unwanted visitors.

A new movie, "A Haunting in Connecticut," opens Friday. It's loosely based on the stories revolving around the 3,000-square-foot former funeral parlor in Southington, and the family that lived there in the 1980s.

Curious fans are already showing up at the home.

The current owners say the house isn't haunted and they're trying to keep trespassers away. Police have added extra patrols to the neighborhood.

I will not being seeing the film because although I enjoy the occasional horror film, if it is terrifying, I will be too scared after by the plain fact that it's based on a true story. Yes, I am chicken haha! Also the previews and trailers I've seen remind me of other classics, like Psycho, Poltergist, and Amityville Horror. It seems horror films are running out of orginal material quickly.

Fighting My Way Into Fenway

Okay, so this is more of a sports topic rather than arts and entertainment, but I had to put it in here. Every year my parents, a friend of my choice, and I venture to Fenway to see a Red Sox Game. Usually we get tickets from a friend of my father's, but that has proven to be up in the air this year. In order to guarentee we have tickets and keep up with our yearly tradition, my father signed up to get tickets through the Red Sox Nation website. What he did not realize was the process of getting any Red Sox tickets.
After being denied early access, he was left to a pool of random ticket buyers. After signing in at exactly 12 noon today, he is sent to a "virtual waiting room" where ticket buyers are made to sit and watch their screen refresh every 15 seconds until they are brought to another page if chosen by random.
As my dad and I took turns sitting by his laptop with minimal hopes of every getting past this "Virtual Waiting Room" that greatly reminded me of the DMV wait line without the annoying people, "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond came on IPOD as it played on shuffle. We had been sitting there for just about an hour, losing hope with each page refresh, and then the song rang through my IPOD speakers. Instantly my dad's face lit up because the song (besides being one of Neil Diamond's greatest hits) is the song of Red Sox Nation.
Now I have been watching baseball ever since I was a little girl, but as I got older "Sweet Caroline" seemed to get more and more popular with Red Sox fans and although I loved the song, could never figure out the significance behind it.
After some research I found out, it was the doing of Amy Tobey who directed the music during the games from 98-2004. It was first played spuratically between the 7th - 9th innings, but then became tradition to play at every home game during the 8th inning. Fans were encouraged by it, expected it and could recite every word soon after. It even made its way into the 2005 film with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore Fever Pitch.
So as the Diamond lyrics say: "Where it began
I can't begin to knowin'
But then I know it's growin' strong"
The tradition is def. growing strong amongst Red Sox Fans--young and old alike, as for family tradition, looks like we'll have to pray my dad's friend comes thru with tickets. As I was writing this my dad called from work and said his company blocked the website on their computers, so he wasted his lunch hour at home on his laptop because now he can't try to get tickets at work.

If you want more information on "Sweet Caroline" and the Red Sox, here's where I found it:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tough Love on VH1

Although I like reality shows, I was never a fan of the ones of VH1 until now. My roommate is obessed with Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels, so I was sucked into it because it was the only way I could spend "quality" time with her on Sunday nights. If I didn't watch, I wasn't allowed to speak of anything else until the show was over, so bear with me, I had to watch. Anyways, after watching that show, VH1 premiered a show called Tough Love at 10pm on March 15th 2009. It is a show about seven women who are hopeless when it comes to getting a guy. They each have nicknames and reasons behind why they repulse relationships, and I must say although it is sort of replusive the stereotypes these women give to women in America, I am in love with the show.

The host is a professional matchmaker named Steve and he gives the girls, performance tests, advice, and even MANDATORY weekly group therapy, in order for them to change their dating patterns. Maybe I am getting more out of this because I am single and probably taking too much of this to heart, but I guess theres no turning back now. Has anyone else seen it?
The following link is a link to watch this past Sunday's episode:

Paul Rudd Proves Himself Again

Last night was five dollar Tuesday at the movie theater in my town of Wallingford. Since it is only five dollars all day, the theaters were packed to the brim with various high schoolers and college kids home for Spring Break. Five dollar Tuesday has become such a big deal in my town that it has become tradition to go with my friends every time I'm home.

The movie of choice for spring break week turned out to be I Love You Man, and it was well worth it. I had only seen the preview for the film twice and had little to no idea how it would turn out, but I'm glad I choose it.

Okay, I must admit I choose it in part of Paul Rudd. I have a slight crush on him and have ever since he was in Friends as Phobe's long time boyfriend and resurfaced as the object of my affection in Knocked Up lol. Him and Jason Segel are a magical "man-couple" on screen. When Rudd goes searching for a best friend, so he can have a best man at his wedding, he finds Segel at one of his open houses. After many failed man-dates with other guys, Rudd decides to give Segel a call in hopes of acquiring a manly best friend. The film truly is comedy, but has a few chick flick moments because it is def. a film about as Scrubs would say "Guy Love"

To add to Amanda's post--Bamboozle 2009

As I commented on Amanda's post, Bamboozle is probably the one music festival I look forward to all year. I discovered it when looking into when Fall Out Boy was playing because I did not want to travel to Bridgeport to see them at the time. I had never been to Harboryard and it seemed too sketchy! Anyways my boyfriend at the time was from New York and when we found the festival, he agreed to drive through the city to Meadowlands (also known as Giants Stadium) where its held. That year, there were 5 stages in this giant parking lot and over 40 different bands, the big headliners being FOB, All American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights, and Silverstein. Panic at the Disco also got on stage w/ FOB to perform a song because they were the headliners for the Sunday show. The festival ran from 12noon to about 10:30pm at night, and it was a day of fantastic music. It was probably the best concert I had ever been to, for both the music and the experience with the thousands of other screaming fans.

I also went in 2007 when My Chemical Romance and Hellogoodbye were the big bands. I'd say that year was just as awesome. The best part was when the leader of Hellogoodbye ended up listening to the other acts right near me. I met him and hung out with him through My Chemical Romance's performance. It was amazing.

I am most excited for Bamboozle 2009 because of Third Eye Blind. Like Amanda, they are my favorite band of all time and I have never been lucky enough to see them. I imagine it will be a day of chaotic fun.