Monday, April 20, 2009

Rodney Dangerfield Comedy Club

This weekend I ventured out to NYC for the senior class trip (where only 15 seniors in all of CCSU attended. As part of our trip, we got to go to the Rodney Dangerfield Comedy Club on W 61st and 1st Av. Now being a fan of the late Rodney Dangerfield himself ever since seeing the film Ladybugs in the early nineties, I was extremely excited but unsure what to expect. Dangerfields is one of the most famous comedy clubs in NY, but is actually quite small. Appearing just like another shop or resturant along the NYC strip, it is easy to miss, but if you do come across it venture in. With a bar, small stage, and a dimly lighted room with little red lamps on all the tables, it sets a friendly and familiar atomsphere much like that favorite small local bar everyone has. We got to see four acts and the performers (although their names escape me) were extremely funny. All the guys were either "as seen on comedy central" or hbo and were very talented even incorporating the token college group (CCSU) sitting in the corner. We became some good material for the night. My favorite of the night... "You know when your school's name is the direction of a compass, its gotta be real shitty..."

Anyways, so if you are ever in NYC check it out. Famous comedians like Jerry Seinfield and Robin Williams have been there, just beware of the "$ 20 cover charge--two drink minimum per person" Drinks are like 12 dollars a piece.

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