Monday, April 27, 2009

Tis The Season For Icecream

With summer weather SLOWLY approaching (with the weather ranging from 83 one day and 63 the next), it makes you think of going out for ice cream and other frozen treats. Although I am not an extreme ice cream enthusiast, I do like the occasional soft serve, so I decided to investigate the information no one wants to know about these delicious desserts, THE CALORIES. Now I must warn you, if you like going out for ice cream--don't read on LOL.
Comparing three different resturants Coldstone Creamery, Dairy Queen, and Friendly's, I wanted to know which one was "better for you" calorie wise, and I was very surprised. Friendly's is probably the best for you and Coldstone is def. the worst. Although I could not a distinct chart for Friendly's, various articles point out that their ice cream is between 140-300 calories a serving *not including toppings*. Dairy Queen is between 600-1000 calories *including toppings* and Coldstone is between 500-1000 calories not including toppings, so with one to two toppings, the calories might be close to 1300-1500 for one medium size cup. *That's 3/4 of the daily calorie intake**, so Coldstone lovers BEWARE!

For Full Menu Calories, here's a link to DQ and a Coldstone PDF

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  1. I could have guest that Cold Stone was the worst, just by the texture. (I just ate Cold Stone yesterday.)

    I would think that DQ soft serve has less calories than Friendly's hard serve. That is the rule of thumb that I use.