Sunday, April 26, 2009

Town to Cancel 4th of July Fireworks

Not to be too obscene, but in AIM language-- WTF Wallingford--. Because of the current economic times, Wallingford CT may cancel its annual fourth of July fireworks display set off at Moran Middle School. At a reason town budget meeting, the mayor decided it would be best to cancel the fireworks because of recent job and pay cuts. His logic, "if we can't afford to pay the workers, we can't spend 30,000 to 40,000 dollars of a fireworks show, unless we want to raise taxes". Although this is understandable and no one wants to pay higher taxes, I am very disappointed to say the least. The fireworks show is a tradition in Wallingford for numerous family and friends, that will be truly missed if it is canceled. Although it is not entirely a def. cancellation, I am still worried that summer will not be the same. Here's hoping the economy turns around, so my small town can enjoy one of the joys of summer.


  1. That is horrible! What is July 4th without Fireworks?! They should just budget themselves and use less, or cheaper versions instead of spending so much money on them. Kids and families will be so dissapointed :(

  2. This is sad, but Wallingford being my hometown, I must say that it is a "smart" town. Better to live within its means than get into further debt.

    Good for Wally World to admit that if it could not pay the workers, then why have the fireworks.

    This is very sad, though.